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Uhsimisol and the Thunderbird

So, fantastic news!!! I’ve been given the go ahead to have a second novel published with Tamarind Hill Press and am currently at the contract stage of things. The title, Uhsimisol and the Thunderbird, is the prequel to Kisuhs Kamkamoss and is an episodic adventure of magic and mystery.

Two young Indian boys, brothers Uhsimisol and Kisuhs Kamkamoss, embark on an epic journey into the wild and uncharted Northern lands that lie beyond their village. Their quest is to seek out the mythical Thunderbird, Bed-dag yek, a fabled and powerful spirit-creature celebrated by the people of the Pestomuhkati. However, in order to reach the home of the legendary bird, the two boys must travel far and overcome their deepest fears, confronting demons and dangers at every turn.

With only Kuhkukhahs the Owl as their guide, their voyage of discovery soon becomes a matter of life and death…

in the coming months I plan to release audio snippets, so please keep an eye (or an ear) out...

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